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Mamita’s Restaurante Latino is a new latin-themed, Bring Your Own (BYO) restaurant in Newtown that re-imagines traditional latin fare with a fusion of unique tastes that will delight the palate.  Complementing a fresh menu that is updated regularly with seasonal specials, is an assortment of home-made drink mixes featuring pear, papaya, mango, blueberry, and other seasonal fruits that go well with Tequila.  That’s why at Mamita’s, we don’t say BYOB, we say BYOT where the “T” stands for Tequila!

The Inspiration For Mamitas


Chef Francisco Argueta, owner and executive chef of three Bucks County Restaurants is a self-taught prodigy that came to this country from El Salvador in 1986. Chef Argueta owes his success to his mother (Mamita) who instilled strong values in him and nurtured his love of cooking. Francisco grew up on a farm watching his mother prepare three meals a day for his farmer father (Florentino) and his crew of up to 20 workers.  Upon his arrival to the United States Francisco was drawn to the restaurant scene, starting out as a dishwasher and quickly progressing to line cook. His desire to create his own fabulous dishes with his own flavors and quality ingredients motivated him to open his first restaurant – Florentino’s (in honor of his father). Florentino’s became a quick success with its unique Northern Italian inspired dishes. Francisco then found a stunning location on the river in Washington Crossing to provide guests with another opportunity to savor their favorite meals while enjoying a beautiful view at Francisco’s On The River. Now Francisco goes back to his roots and brings the flavors of Latin America to Newtown with his newest restaurant Mamita’s (named after his mother who is lovingly called “Mamita” by all of her grandchildren!).

When you visit Mamita’s you will experience Chef Argueta’s love of cooking, attention to detail and his commitment to delivering a memorable dining experience.

Please Be Our Guest At Our Other Restaurants

  • Florentino's: Intimate Dining

“One word–EGGPLANT PARM. Okay, maybe that was 2 words. But jimminy crickets is it GOOD!! That’s all I’ve ever ordered here, and probably all I ever will order. I refuse to eat eggplant parm anywhere else but here. It’s like, a million layers of thinly sliced eggplant that you can cut with a fork, and then they cover it with sauce and melty cheese..mmm..yeah, I’m salivating.”
Kim H., Philadelphia, PA

Visit Florentino’s Restaurant Website

  • Francisco's On The River

“Downtown Yardley, while having some staples that are just plain good, has really gotten away from exciting and excellent dinner options. Enter Francisco’s On The River. My husband and I found this gem on a hectic night and, thankfully, they had ONE table open for two. Reservations highly recommended. The waitstaff was awe- some, the food exceptional, and the experience top notch.”
Besty L., Jersey City, NJ

Visit Francisco’s On The River Website


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